Please follow the article to create a storage account in Azure and use the file share as a local disk in your windows machine using PowerShell

Note: I am assuming that, you are already connected to your Azure infrastructure using the PS

1. Create a azure resource group (if you have one already created, you may use that also.) Substitute the names accordingly as below

New-AzureRmResourceGroup -Name manazrg -Location southindia

2. Create the new storage account in the resource group created. I am going to select ‘Standard Locally Redundant Storage’ here. you may select other storage types also

New-AzureRmStorageAccount -ResourceGroupName manazrg -Name manazsg -Location southindia -SkuName Standard_LRS

3. Find the secret key of the storage account just created

Get-AzureRmStorageAccountKey -ResourceGroupName “manazrg” -AccountName manazsg

Copy one of the key for the purpose

4. Substitute the key in the following cmdlet to create the required share

$azShare = New-AzureStorageContext “manazsg” “your key here” New-AzureStorageShare manaznetshare -Context $azShare

manazsg is the storage account created and manaznetshare is the share name here. In the above example share created, the share name is as follows


Now the share is ready for the use in your computer.. As the final step, you need to map the drive locally in your computer

5. From windows explorer, click ‘Map Network Drive’. this will open the map drive dialogue. Select the required drive and substitute the share name: \\\manaznetshare and click ‘Finish’.

In the following window, we need to provide the username and password. Also, check ‘Reconnect

Username is always AZURE\<storage account name> and Password is your key copied in step 3.

Now, you can see the azure mapped drive in your windows explorer as follows

Enjoy Azure drive sharing in your local computer 🙂

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